Build high -performance retail workforce with eigenAI

Re-train and evaluate employee compliance and performance. Get more value from your existing camera systems. 


Security Monitoring

Incident review

Retail Intelligence


Cloud access of feeds and incidents

Store newsfeed and analytics

Existing Camera Systems
(NVR, Nest, Simplisafe, etc)

None (manual), Human monitoring charges extra

Manual extraction of clips using difficult to use UI 



Cloud storage charges extra




Monitored by AI for accidents (fire, falling) & security (thefts, break-ins, vandalism, drinking). Local staff review available

Automatic video clip created and sent to phone/email in 10 seconds

Operational alerts for empty shelves, product trends, reducing staffing, etc


4 weeks cloud DVR included



eigen detects stock outs and product insights with daily & weekly stats



Use Existing Camera Plan

Analytics summary for daily & weekly store summary and products trends

4 weeks cloud DVR storage

99$/month/store for up to 4 cameras

Action alerts for merchandise loss, fire, break-ins, low inventory

Buy New Cameras Plan

8 camera sysytem w/ 3TB NVR included

3 months premium eigen services plan included

999$ with 3 months of free premium plan included


Make your existing cameras cloud and AI ready

eigen can connect with any IP camera/NVR and make it cloud powered. The streams can be accessed from its app anywhere, with advanced AI analytics and action alerts


Real-time Alerts by Eigen AI

eigen video platform performs contextual understanding of video streams with high-level reasoning to detect complex concepts.

Our high accuracy algorithms can run over the cloud at very low costs allowing video understanding in retail, healthcare and public safety


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