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We are machine learning experts, which is why we knew something had to change. Retail stores are filled with video cameras that are passive and add little value. ​The goal of our retail AI systems is to build smart store management systems that do not rely on facial recognition, do not collect any personally identifiable information, and do not allow others to watch. We believe our world can be safe, without comprising on personally identifiable information.




Asim has spent many years at NEC Labs working on efficient computer vision and deep learning methods.  Asim has published in top-tier conferences including ICLR, CVPR, KDD & SOSP and holds several patents on efficient computer vision methods. Asim obtained his PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin in 2013.


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Prior to joining NEC Labs and working with Asim, Farley has spent many years in the surveillance industry pioneering smart surveillance technologies. His combined expertise in surveillance and machine learning has made him one of the very best computer vision machine learning engineers. Farley obtained his PhD in Computer Science from University of Iowa in 2017.





Hans Peter Graf is head of the machine learning research department at NEC Labs. The department develops machine learning algorithms, as well as a range of applications in semantic text analysis, cognitive video interpretation and bio-medical analysis. Systems for the inspection of manufactured parts, a system for trade surveillance at the Tokyo Stock Exchange and e-Pathologist, a system assisting pathologists with cancer diagnostics are some of the technologies from his department that were commercialized successfully. Before joining NEC Laboratories, Hans Peter was in Bell Laboratories and AT&T Laboratories where he developed neural net models and machine learning applications. Massively parallel neural net processors of his design were key parts in high-speed address readers and check processing systems.Hans Peter received a Diploma and a PhD, both in physics, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland. He is author or coauthor of over 100 reviewed articles and some 50 issued patents. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the American Physical Society.. Hans Peter lead the research team that has made multiple contributions to the field of machine learning including SVMs, computer vision and text learning methods and tools.

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